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The following photos include bathrooms during and after installation:

IMG 0167 150x150 Customer ReviewsWall prepped for tiling IMG 0116 150x150 Customer ReviewsOld ceiling removal
IMG 01131 150x150 Customer ReviewsNew ceiling being fitted IMG 00121 150x150 Customer ReviewsNew ceiling finished
IMG 00181 150x150 Customer ReviewsNew Bathroom 1 IMG 00211 150x150 Customer ReviewsNew Bathroom 2
IMG 00221 150x150 Customer ReviewsNew Bathroom 3 IMG 00231 150x150 Customer ReviewsNew Bathroom 4
IMG 00251 150x150 Customer ReviewsInstalling a shower IMG 00101 150x150 Customer ReviewsNew Shower installed

Mary and Douglas Johnston from Wishaw had this to say about the replacement boiler CSM installed in their home.

“The standard of workmanship was absolutely excellent….the manner in which the work was carried out was exemplary.  After the work was complete….you would never have known such a task had been carried out….  We chose CSM on the recommendation of others who had work done….the price was good and the boiler is first class”

Calvary Christian Fellowship in Motherwell used CSM Plumbing and Heating to refurbish their kitchen. The following photos show
you what the kitchen was like before the refurbishment:

DSC04854 150x150 Customer Reviews

Left side of Calvary’s Kitchen before refurb

DSC04856 300x225 Customer Reviews

Right Side of Calvary’s kitchen including sinks, cupboards, dishwasher and pantry

DSC051971 225x300 Customer Reviews

Old gas cooker before the refurb – condemned by CSM Plumbing and Heating

DSC05199 300x225 Customer Reviews

The original gas cooker had been condemned by CSM Plumbing and Heating due to leaks etc

The following photos show the kitchen after the refurbishment:

DSC04451 300x200 Customer Reviews

The new kitchen and cooker view from door

DSC04452 300x200 Customer Reviews

View from inside the kitchen towards the door

DSC04453 200x300 Customer Reviews

New Cooker and Extractor Hood

“An awesome job at awesome prices!!”
quote from David Simpson, Pastor of Calvary Christian Fellowship, Motherwell

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